About the Online General Inventory

The Online General Inventory is a project of Archdiocesan Historical Archive Monsignor Bernardo Augusto Thiel initiated in 2018, largely with the incorporation of descriptive information developed in the period 2012-2018. From now on, we hope to progressively increase the descriptive information contained in this general inventory, to make it more and more a useful tool for our researchers.

Its purpose is to make available to researchers the descriptive instruments of the Archive done according to the regulations of the International Council on Archives.

The access to the descriptive information contained in the general inventory can be done through two large groups of options, which appear in the upper left of the screen with the names of "Browse" and "Search".


Archival description: It gives us direct access to the fonds of the Archive and its classification systems. The descriptive information of each record is structured through the different levels of the classification system (fond, sub-fonds, record series, records), distributing the information from the general to the particular and trying not to repeat the information contained in the lower levels. Therefore, for a better contextualization of the information, we recommend our researchers always consult the higher levels (the fond, the sub-fond and the record series), to complete the information provided for the documentary units. The fonds are classified according to the organization system of the Archive. The descriptive information is made according to the General International Standard Archival Description, ISAD (G).

Authority records: It gives access to the description of the institutions and persons who, in the exercise of their functions, have produced or received the documents that make up the different fonds of the Archdiocesan Historical Archive. Additionally, it gives access to the index of the institutions and people that are mentioned in the descriptive sheets of the documentary units. The description of the authority records is done through the International Standard Archival Authority Record for Corporate Bodies, Persons and Families, ISAAR (CPF).

Archivists Institutions: The description of the Archdiocesan Historical Archive of San José itself as custodian of the fonds is provided here, through the International Standard for Describing Institutions with Archival Holdings, ISDIAH.

Functions: It exposes the functions of the institutions that explain the creation of their documents. Its description is made following the International Standard for Describing Functions, ISDF.

Subjects: Gives access to the index of subjects or topics that can be extracted from the descriptive sheets of the documents.

Places: Gives access to the index of places mentioned in the descriptive sheets of the documents.

Digital objects: Allows direct access to the digital images of the Archive documents that are incorporated into the Online General Inventory.


Simple search: Search for the term or terms indicated in the archival descriptions of the general inventory.

Advanced search: Allows the search in specific fields and the combination of search criteria.

For more information on how to use the program that is behind the Online General Inventory, we refer to the user manual of AtoM (version 2.4) and especially to the section entitled "Access content".